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Marsh Lake
Marsh Lake

The Wildlife Act and Regulations provide a legal framework to allow importation and export of live wildlife to and from Yukon in support of Film, Television and carnival activities.

This legal framework is in place to protect indigenous wildlife from introduction of disease and potential genetic contamination while allowing for import and export of live wildlife to take place.

Failure to obtain the required permits may result in prosecution and penalties.

Steps in obtaining a permit are as follows:

(1). Obtain, complete and submit an “Application for a Permit to Export or Import Live Wildlife”. 
(2). Submit the completed application form with a health certificate respecting the animal(s) to be imported signed by the veterinarian who inspected the animal(s).
(3). When the completed application and health certificate is received, an import permit can be issued for a period of up to 90 days. 
(4). Obtain a Wildlife Export Permit to legally export the animal(s) from Yukon.


For further information or to obtain an application form, please contact Department of Environment, Government of Yukon.


Department of Environment Government of Yukon

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Whitehorse, Yukon
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Tel: 867-667-5652
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