Filming Activities within the Highway Right-of-Way

Tombstone Mountains
Tombstone Mountains

In accordance with the Yukon Highways Act, persons or businesses that wish to perform activities within a highway right-of-way are required to apply for a permit.

  • Highway rights-of-way are defined as the legal surveyed land/area set aside for highways and roads. This area extends beyond the traveled surface.
  • Highways that are not maintained also require Permits.
  • The permitting process will involve an assessment of the area, work proposed and a review of the safety concerns associated with that work.
  • Permit applications can take from four to six weeks to process.
  • Proof of insurance must be provided prior to approval. Applicants shall name Government of Yukon as “Additional Insured” on their insurance policy.

Permit applications and further information can be obtained from the Government of Yukon website.


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