Emerald Lake near Carcross
Emerald Lake near Carcross

Security at Yukon airports is a high-priority. If you are considering filming at a Yukon airport or aerodrome it is essential that you get the clearance and/or permission required.

To ensure all safety precautions and appropriate notices are provided to the regulatory agency, Transport Canada, you must contact the Government of Yukon, Department of Highways and Public Works, Aviation Branch, for a permit.

You will be required to secure a permit by entering into a Government of Yukon license agreement for your activity and you must provide proof of insurance. The agreement covers your liability, explains the airport manager’s control, and specifies how, when, where and who is permitted to occupy airport lands. If access is required for either a sterile or restricted area, the aerodrome/airport operator shall ensure that the person requiring access is being escorted by a person who is in possession of a valid restricted area identity card. There may be a cost for this escort


Be sure to give yourself sufficient lead time if planning to film at Yukon Airports or Aerodromes.


International Airports

Robert Manlig, Airport Manager

Tel: 867-667-8873 

All other Yukon airports and aerodromes
Mark Ritchie 
Tel: 867-634-2948 


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