Yukon Film Locations Incentive Program

Emerald Lake near Carcross
Emerald Lake near Carcross

Yukon Residents are now eligible to apply to the Yukon Film Locations Incentive!.

The Film Location Incentive encourages production companies to film in Yukon and hire and train Yukoners. Please note – this program is not a tax credit it is a rebate.. Funding is usually released within 8 weeks of the completion of filming and submission of required reporting

Yukon Spend Rebate 

Television program, television movie (Movie of the Week), documentaries and feature films (but not commercials) are eligible for a rebate of up to 25% of Yukon spend, provided criteria are met.

Training Program

Productions (not commercials) are eligible for a rebate of up to 25% of wages paid to individuals providing on-set training (techniques and equipment) to eligible Yukon labour.

Travel Rebate

(Available to productions not accessing the Yukon Spend Rebate)

You may be eligible for a rebate of your travel costs from Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver to Whitehorse to a max of $15,000. Commercials are eligible to apply for this component!