Enterprise Trade Fund

Enterprise Trade Fund
Enterprise Trade Fund

The Enterprise Trade Fund (ETF) stimulates and supports the growth of Yukon business activity through market penetration and expansion and business development. 

Under this fund eligible Yukon businesses involved in export related operations may receive assistance to: 

•Open new markets 
•Develop and expand existing markets 
•Undertake and implement projects that grow and develop business activities while not creating unfair competition within the local Yukon market.

Subject to the relevant assessment criteria, the ETF is available to all Yukon businesses, for profit and not-for-profit business related organizations and industry associations. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions about ETF document (below) for additional informaiton about the program.

For more information on eligible activities or  funding levels, contact Yukon Media Development at info@reelyukon.com or call us at 867-667-5400

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