Yukon Training Fund

The purpose of the Yukon Training Fund is to assist Yukon residents to undertake film production or post-production training that meets the stated goals of Yukon Media Development programs.

Training may be:

  • Course work in film production or post-production at a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • Short term educational pursuits - such as workshops - and informal education - such as mentoring opportunities – for Yukon filmmakers
  • Applies to tuition, required texts and consumable materials (not travel, accommodations, etc.)

Not-for-Profit, Yukon based film groups and associations (who are registered with Corporate affairs) are eligible to apply for funding of projects that provide film specific training to Yukon residents.


Training Priorities

Yukon Media Development is looking for training and professional development opportunities for media production industry professionals:

  • that support the development of entrepreneurial skill sets
  • that assist in researching, identifying and assessing market needs
  • that provide exposure to market trends and requirements
  • that increase investability, marketability and export readiness
  • that prepare Yukoners to access extra-territorial investment in their products and businesses
  • that provide an opportunity for interaction with market enablers such as broadcasters, distributors, purchasers, labels, managers and co-producers
  • that prepare Yukoners to be hireable by non-Yukon companies that work in territory
  • that contribute to the development of crew and media production service companies in Yukon
  • that support the development of the creative interactive media production industry in Yukon



Yukon Film Training Fund  Application Form for Individuals   French

Yukon Film Training Fund  Application Form for Not-for-Profits   French