About Yukon Media Development

Stephen Rose
Assistant Deputy Minister 
Stephen is responsible for all operational branches of the Department of Economic Development, including Yukon Media Development by overseeing investment attraction, business development, and strategic industries program areas to stimulate economic activity and develop a diversified and sustainable economy for the benefit of all Yukoners. 
Contact Stephen
Tel: 867-667-5400


Iris Merritt
Manager, Media Development Unit
Iris is responsible for maximizing the benefit to Yukon of film and media production while ensuring film and media production is a positive experience for Yukon and both local and visiting film production companies. This position is responsible for participating in the development of the Yukon film and media sector, with emphasis on program development, marketing and value added business development. 
Contact Iris
Tel: 867-667-5678


Kevin Hannam
Film Officer 
Kevin is responsible for contributing to the growth and stability of the film industry in the Yukon by establishing a positive climate, facilitating ease of production, managing applications to various film funds, resolving conflicts or other problems that arise before, during and after actual production; promoting the Yukon as a location for film production; and project managing and coordinating film production and development services provided by Yukon Media Development. 
Contact Kevin
Tel: 867-667-8285


Andrew Seymour
Sound Media Officer 
The sound officer is responsible for supporting the development of the Yukon music industry by managing the Sound Recording Program and the Enterprise Trade Fund, and project managing music industry initiatives provided by Yukon Media Development. 
Contact Andrew 
Tel: 867-667-5400